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We are a unique team of industry professionals; DESIGNERS, RESTAURATEURS, CHEFS, OPERATORS, TECHNICIANS, & CREATIVES that live and breathe creating food experiences.

Design Build Sales Consultant

Grant Johnson


Helen (Giagkou) Buivid

Nick Giagkou


You will not find a more experienced and committed foodservice design professional in the industry...Period.  Not only has Nick been designing Restaurants and Bars for over 30 years, but he has consulted with manufacturers and fabricators to properly engineer and design the tools and equipment that allow Chefs to bring their vision and creativity to life.  Held by no boundaries, Nick's intimacy with all aspects of the Restaurant experience from Design, to Construction, to Opening make him the embodiment of the place where "PASSION MEETS PRECISION".

Helen's journey with Olympus began as soon as she could walk, playing the role of a checkout clerk and assisting her mother (Vicky), & father (Tony) bagging customers' purchases at the store.

Although she initially pursued a career in PR and Marketing, Helen's inherent passion for cultivating relationships, laying down strong business foundations, and carrying on the family legacy led her back to Olympus. Alongside her partners and siblings, Helen has proudly steered the company towards success, molding and nurturing it into the thriving establishment it is today.

Bobby started his career in Marketing while in college, developing brand strategies and supporting experiential platforms.  After relocating to Chicago he found a passion for the foodservice industry and leveraged his experience in marketing and design, transitioning into Restaurant Design/Build & Consulting.  A nine year career on the design side, led Bobby to co-create and open hop + grind, a revolutionary fast casual burger concept that launched in Durham, NH. 

Design Consultant / Digital Marketing

Bobby Buivid

Grant has always had a passion for foodservice and hospitality. From a young age he remembers the excitement of getting to try a new restaurant with his father. He appreciated the experience and was never the kid looking for screen time in those moments. After leaving a career in digital marketing Grant was brought on to assist Nick Giagkou (owner of Olympic) from here he was mentored into the design build kitchen professional he is today. Grant is also the owner/investor of the local critically acclaimed Professor Pizza restaurant. He also worked as a Manufacturers representative and a design build sales consultant with another local company. These other working experiences have rounded him out into the experienced and customer dedicated design build kitchen sales consultant he is today.

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